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Sell more and earn repeat customers with a subscription-based business

Subscriptions aren’t just for magazines anymore. In recent years, the eCommerce world has experienced a subscription boom, with online stores offering automatic recurring orders for tons of product types both physical and digital. In fact, your business and products might take quite well to the subscription model.

Subscription-based payments are a fantastic way to secure a consistent income for your business, while simultaneously pleasing your customers with timed, regular deliveries of their favorite products. Plus, shoppers love subscriptions — they take away the pressure of remembering to place a new order. This is especially important for disposable products that need to be replenished regularly. Of course, subscriptions don’t always have to be strictly practical. Maybe your customers would love to sign up for a regular delivery of free samples or collectibles!

Shift4Shop’s Autoship™ subscription management software makes it simple to set up configurable, recurring billing and automatic shipping within minutes, so you can instantly add subscription capabilities to any product you desire.

What types of businesses use subscription services?

The subscription model is suitable for a surprising number of businesses. Today, you can sign up for a subscription to receive everything from razor blades to video games to hot sauce, not to mention countless disposable products for the kitchen, bathroom, office, and more. Subscription products generally fall into four different types:

  • Periodicals (like magazines and newspapers)
  • Products that need replenishment (like home supplies)
  • Products that don’t strictly need replenishment, but are frequently purchased by enthusiasts (like wine and collectible items)
  • Access to digital content, like software or exclusive website access

No matter the type of product, customers seek an easy, configurable way to start and stop a subscription at any time. Shift4Shop Autoship™ has all the built-in features your subscription management software needs, so you can sell any type of subscription for your business.

Need some ideas?

Sample businesses and products that use subscription services

  • Magazine subscriptions
  • Pet food and other supplies like cat litter
  • Meal or meal kit subscriptions
  • Bathroom and hygiene products
  • Vitamins or supplements
  • “Wine of the Month” and similar clubs
  • Vape e-liquid and coils
  • Printer ink or toner
  • Themed collectible boxes
  • Other office supplies
  • Kitchen cleaning products
  • Seasonal clothing and curated “outfit kits”
  • Free product samples
  • Spices, condiments, or other cooking ingredients

Set up a flexible subscription service for your products

With Shift4Shop’s subscription management software, you can set up a subscription service to sell any type of product at an interval chosen by your customers. 30, 60, 90, 180-day subscriptions and more are all possible, and you can choose to list subscription frequencies by number of days or with a description like Monthly, Quarterly, or Yearly. You can give your customers the option to specify a number of recurrences as well, allowing them to set up subscriptions that only last a limited time. You have full control over which products are enabled for subscriptions, and all the conditions that apply to them.

Customers will find it easy to manage their subscriptions on your online store. Their My Account page will list all their subscriptions and order history for easy review and control. Your customers will never feel as if they’re trapped in a subscription, and your brand will earn their trust.

Secure, automatic recurring billing

Subscriptions need to be seamless from beginning to end, convenient for both you and your customers. As long as you’re using a token-based payment gateway such as Authorize.Net, Braintree, or one of many others integrated with Shift4Shop, your customer will be billed automatically when the time comes to process their next order. You’ll be informed just as if any regular order had been placed, so you can pack and ship the customer’s subscription item right away.

Subscriptions increase sales and earn consistent income for your business

Customers love convenience more than almost anything — it’s a big part of why they’re shopping online in the first place. People who frequently find themselves running out of a needed product, possibly at a very bad time, long for a way to “set and forget” a regular purchase of the products they need. This is especially handy when it comes to products a customer can’t purchase locally. In this case, not only do they need to remember to order the product, they also have to account for the time it takes to ship. Forgetting to reorder means a longer wait than a trip to the store, so a subscription becomes even more appealing.

Give your customer loyalty a boost

By offering subscriptions on your products, you’ll provide your customers with a convenient, reliable, and cost-effective means of keeping their supply on hand. Once a customer identifies your business as a quality source for their needed items, they’re likely to stick around. Customers may sign up for multiple subscriptions to different products as they become more familiar with your catalog, and they’re also likely to buy additional products from time to time without a subscription.

Save time and reduce cart abandonment

Customers buy more when there’s less friction between them and their purchase. What could be smoother than a subscription with automatic billing? They’ll only need to go through checkout once, but you’ll make multiple sales from every subscription purchase. It’s a win-win situation for you and your customers.

Get the data you need with full reporting on all subscriptions

Shift4Shop’s Autoship™ subscription management software includes a robust reporting dashboard that displays important data like subscriber numbers, value of orders about to recur within an upcoming time period, and multiple ways to view all the recurring order subscriptions currently active on your store. Use this valuable information to plan strategies, anticipate profits, and identify opportunities for improvement.

Build your own subscription box

Subscription boxes are big these days — a monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly delivery of a special package of randomly-selected or themed items. With recurring billing from Shift4Shop, you can create your own subscription box and switch out its contents every time it goes out. This is a great way to get your customers to try samples of new products or get them excited about building a collection. It all depends on the type of products you sell!

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