Join Our Sales Team

We have 4 criteria for joining our sales team:

  • 1. Honest
  • 2. Hard Working
  • 3. Enjoy talking to people
  • 4. Like to make a lot of money

If you checked all 4 boxes then let’s talk.  All you need to do to be successful is talk to every business owner you know and every business owner you will get to know by telling them about our great free Web Shop program.  Sign them up and as soon as they build their store and sell their first product you will receive a super nice commission. 

Wow – Who can I sign up?

Almost any business in the United States that has something to sell.  It can be a craft vendor who makes handmade items on their kitchen table, a retail storefront business that would like to also sell their products online, an author who wrote a book, a BtoB manufacturer in an industrial park selling seismographic thingamabobs, or a college student selling used textbooks.  It can be your local scout troop selling cookies or the dog rescue in the next town looking for a way to get more donations.  It can be your local pizza place who would like to sell their special sauce to the whole world.  You can visit local businesses all day long, speak to artists at shows on the weekends and greet the store owners in person or you can surf the Internet all night and find existing web stores that look like they were built in the 1990’s and need an upgrade.  The possibilities are endless and so are your commissions.  We have a whole team of experts ready to assist you and your merchants every step of the way.  All you need to do is sign them up – for free!

This sounds pretty good – I’m ready to join the sales team

Please complete the form below and one of our team managers will be in contact with you within 1 business day

The MyShift4Shop sales team are independent contractors and are required to provide a Social Security number or a Federal Tax ID number.  A 1099 will be issued annually as required by law.  MyShift4Shop is not a MLM business or franchise and there is no cost to you to join us.  We are an Equal Opportunity Employer and welcome people of all races, colors, religions, ages, gender orientations, and physical abilities.