We think our program is great but just don’t take our word for it.  Here is what some of our happy camper merchants have told us.

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We have been using Shift4Shop now for over 18 months with great success, during a very rough economic environment. We migrated from another cart that was not stable enough to handle the high volume we process daily. The technical support is great, and the new extended hours help out a lot. The custom design services were able to migrate our old design so that our customers didn’t even know we had a new site. The 2 reasons we chose Shift4Shop were ease of use and features.

Ease of use was key to us because the employees needed to get up and running quickly without training and with the high volume of transactions we see daily, the new system needed to be simple and quick to use. The features, especially in the promotions manager were key to driving new revenues.

I would use them again, and we do!

Scott Broder  

Shift4Shop is a cloud-based software for online sales. It is a web hosting and hosted e-Commerce platform, engine-friendly website and online store builder. With a vast array of payment and delivery systems, as well as numerous plug-in features, Shift4Shop is an attractive option for those who are after a flexible, reliable, secure, affordable, fully hosted sales solution, including mobile customers.

I've grown from $250,000 to multiple 7-figures, and I did it with Shift4Shop. I chose them because the SEO is killer, they don't nickel and dime you with apps and adds-ons, and it's flexible enough to run a serious E-com business. - read full review

Eva Williams

The experience with Shift4Shop was a good one. We converted all our products from an old cart system and we were running in the first weekend. All of our questions have been answered and all the things that we wanted to do for promotions, free offers coupon deals, etc... were all doable right out of the box. Configuration and customization of the look and feel were the easiest of any cart system that I previewed and I was impressed with how easily we could add our own custom code for tracking and analytics. We are excited and in the first month with Shift4Shop we have had our best month ever.

Thank you! We are looking forward to seeing what new features you will be bringing out in the 2nd half of 2013.

Jake Wyman

Shift4Shop is a feature-rich shopping cart software which offers a fully customizable online store builder with no transaction fee. The features offered include search engine optimization, PCI-certified security, real-time shipping, and mobile commerce. It offers 5 pricing options: Mini, Starter, Professional, Professional+, and Power Plan. The company is hosting more than 15000 stores.


Development of our customized webstore began in October of 2010. We migrated from an Xsilva shopping cart and the difference is vast. There is so much more we can do with Shift4Shop, technically and visually, and the face lift Shift4Shop has given our site is amazing. We can provide much more information to our customers with tabs for more information, videos, and pictures. The quality of service is very high. There is always someone there to help us and we never have to wait for someone to get back to us. It's great to have support like this. I never even knew this level of support existed in web support services. We have used the custom design services, and the experience was great. The interface is very intuitive and doesn't require special skills or an understanding of programming.

Our favourite features are the customer reviews and the single checkout page with integrated payment processing. The order processing system is great too and has streamlined our order fulfillment process. We also like the ability to see the referring URL for orders placed, a feature we didn't have with our previous webstore. The ability to send newsletters from within the Shift4Shop software is a bonus. Our experience with Shift4Shop has been and continues to be very positive.

Jamie & Patrick

I've been using Shift4Shop since 2004, having transferred to Shift4Shop from Monster Commerce. Shift4Shop offered more features which was the main reason I switched. I've used Shift4Shop's design services 3 times. Twice they designed and implemented the site and the third time was just an implementation. The two times I had them design for me, I feel that I gave them very little information to go off of and they were able to pull out a great design. I find the software user friendly, my favorite feature is the CRM system. I know this may seem small but we handle a lot of email whether it is from the customer to us or from us to the customer.

We're able to attach the CRMs to a customer’s order as well as their name. We do everything in the CRM system so that we can keep track of a customer and/or what's going on with their order. I like them enough that I'm also in the process of building two new Shift4Shop websites.

I would use them again, and we do!

Bryana Guckin

The well-balanced services provided by Shift4Shop online store builder enable all kind of merchants, as well as beginner users, create eCommerce stores in a matter of few seconds. Its cutting-edge hosting infrastructure delivers 99.99% uptime reliability, robust security, and PCI Level 1 compatible for secure transactions. Right from the intuitive dashboard, one can easily maintain inventory, search visibility, customer relationship, and integrate with third party services seamlessly to take your growth to the next level.

Muhammad Imran

I’ve grown from $250,000 to multiple 7-figures, and I did it with Shift4Shop. I chose them because the SEO is killer, they don’t nickel and dime you with apps and adds-ons, and it’s flexible enough to run a serious E-com business.

Kevin Canning

A refreshing alternative to eCommerce platforms like Shopify, Magento, and Pinnacle Cart, Shift4Shop is a fully featured system that can help new brands get started and start selling. With seemingly every tool built into the administrative portal, Shift4Shop is a one-stop shop for customer relationship management, email marketing, inventory management, and business growth.

Laura Bernheim

I’ve been a customer for about 5 years or so now. Been a happy customer since day 1. I was imported from another shopping cart company. The import was smooth ( I was very nervous). They were great at everything! I have had a few issues (mostly me learning things) and anytime I have had issues I have always gotten a timely and effective response. I’ve used Shift4Shop design services for 2 websites and I am very happy with both! The graphics and flow of the site turned out fantastic! Very user friendly!

I have tried MANY shopping cart sites and found Shift4Shop to be the best! I am a very satisfied customer! I have 5 websites with Shift4Shop and am I am a very happy customer!

Robert King

We have been working with Shift4Shop since we started selling online. Currently we are using them for three separate websites. I do not normally take the time to write testimonials but was inspired to do so because of the service that I received recently from Samantha. We needed to implement an advanced search on our website and through the luck of the draw the project was assigned to her. I have worked with Samantha in the past and was very pleased to see that she would be spearheading our project.

And as it turns out, my instincts were correct because once again she did a fantastic job! From start to finish the project was done in five days and I could not be more satisfied. Thank you so much to Samantha and Shift4Shop for knowing your business and being such professionals.

Michael Aurand

Since its launch in 1999, Shift4Shop has participated in every stage of e-Commerce software innovation. Its solutions offer valuable alternatives to other products by saving business owners money without skimping on features. The platform has everything needed by businesses of any size to list and market products and start processing sales in very little time.

Ray Fitzgerald